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An Invitation To Nature's Pristine Beauty.
Cuisine :
Due to the northern climate and steep terrain, relatively little farming occurs in Alaska. Most farms are in either the Mat-Su Valley near Anchorage, or on the Kenai Peninsula. The short summer limits the types of crops that can be grown - primary crops are potatoes, carrots, lettuce, and cabbage. Despite this, the long summer days can allow these vegetables to reach record size. Alaska has an abundance of seafood, with the primary fisheries in the Bering Sea, and seafood is one of the few food items that is often cheaper within the state than outside it. Hunting for subsistence, primarily caribou, moose, and sheep is still fairly common in the state, particularly in remote Bush communities. An example of a traditional native food is Akutaq, the Eskimo ice cream, consisting of reindeer fat and seal oil and local berries. Most food in Alaska is transported into the state from outside, and is relatively expensive due to high shipping costs.
Following are some of the Indian Restaurants serving authentic Indian Cuisine in Alaska :
Bombay Deluxe (Valhalla Center)
555 W Northern Lights Blvd Alaska (AK) Phone: (907) 277 1200.
Maharajas Restaurant
328 G Street Alaska (AK) Phone: (907) 272 2233
Taj Mahal
3001 Penland Pkwy Alaska (AK) Phone: (907) 222 3006
Bombay House
Egl Rvr Shpng Center , Eagle River, AK - 99577
Phone: 907-696-6055
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If any one asks me about your company, I have nothing but great things to say. We have thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the Rockies and Alaska. Thanks for recommending the VIA rail. It proved to be nice and comfortable.
Dr. Neeraj Dharia
Tardeo, Mumbai
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